Here are some useful tips how to book your travel to and stay in Kerkrade during the DCE European Championships weekend.


The easiest way to travel to Kerkrade is by car. There are other ferry routes from England to Belgium and Holland but most people go Dover - Calais as it's the quickest and cheapest. Some ferry companies are listed below, but the Eurotunnel is a popular crossing as well.



Maatricht Aachen is the nearest airport, but not many airlines fly into this airport. Amsterdam Airport (214 km from Kerkrade) and Brussels Airport (126 km) are most used. The best way to travel from the airport to Kerkrade is to hire a car. Public transportation to Kerkrade is not great, however it is possible to take the train from Amsterdam Airport to Heerlen, a city nearby Kerkrade. On booking sites, search for the airport abbreviations:
AMS (Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol)
BRU (Brussels Airport/Zaventem)

Hiring a car at the airport
It is easy to hire a car at the airport in Amsterdam or Brussels, however it may be a good idea to book the car in advance because that's usually cheaper. Some websites where you can hire a car (there are plenty more):

Going by train from the airport
Kerkrade has a train station. However it is not part of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch National Railways), it belongs to Veolia, a smaller railway company. We do not recommend traveling to the Kerkrade train station. Instead, choose Heerlen which is close to Kerkrade. The distance between the train station of Heerlen and the stadium is 5.9 kilometers.


There are a number of hotels in the Kerkarde area. You van search for a hotel on websites like but here is a shortlist of hotels less than 15 kilometers from the stadium:

Fletcher hotel-restaurant Kasteel Erenstein
Oud-Erensteinerweg 6, Kerkrade

Abbey hotel Rolduc
Heijendallaan 82, Kerkrade

Amrâth Grand hotel Heerlen
Groene Boord 23, Heerlen

Tulip inn Heerlen City Centre
Wilhelminaplein 16-18, Heerlen

Bastion Hotel Heerlen
In de Cramer 199, Heerlen

Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen
Terworm 10, Heerlen

From some hotels it is possible to walk to a bus stop nearby for transport to the stadium. If you need to use the bus, ask the hotel about the possibilities before you make your booking.


Taxi Service Heerlen
€ 0.60 per kilometer (if the driver has to wait you pay € 32,40 per hour)
Phone 0031 45 571 3333 (Dutch language)

City Tax Kerkrade
Prices unkown
Phone 0031 45 535 1300 (Dutch language)

From Kerkrade centre (bus stop Oranjeplein)
- bus line 28 to Schinveld (to bus stop Parkstad Stadion)
- bus line 41 to Sittard (to bus stop Parkstad Stadion)

From the train station Heerlen (bus stop Stationstraat)
- bus line 21 to Kerkrade (to bus stop Parkstad Stadion)
- bus line 43 to Vaals (to bus stop Parkstad Stadion)
- bus line 44 to Aachen (to bus stop Parkstad Stadion)
- bus line 29 to Kerkrade (to bus stop Parkstad Stadion)

From the bus stop Parkstad Stadion, walk to the Gamma and then follow the sign to the Parkstad Limburg Stadium (4 minutes walk).


There are several big parking lots around the stadium, parking is free. The address of the Parkstad Limburg Stadium is: Roda JC Ring 1, Kerkrade.


Tickets are available in the DCE Ticket Store from just € 17.50. Or buy them at the stadium on the day.


Leisure Dome
Roda JC Ring 2 (just outside the stadium)
Includes cinema, bowling, glow golf, children's play area, Gamestate, Soccer Arena (Dutch language)

Dentgenbachweg 105, Kerkrade (Dutch and German)

Swimming pool D'r Pool
Putgang 8, Kerkrade (Dutch language)


- Don't forget your passport.
- You can use most bank and credit cards in The Netherlands as you can in your own country. Most people now take money out from cashpoints, but check with your bank as regards charges.
- (UK/Ireland:) You should inform your car insurance company that you will be driving in mainland Europe and there may be a small charge.
- (UK/Ireland:) On mainland Europe you drive on the right.
- If you are driving through France you must have a safety triangle and high visibility jacket in the car. These are available on the Ferries and at the tunnel shop.
- You may want to take out breakdown and travel insurance, but you don't have to.
- (UK/Ireland:) European mainland time is one hour ahead of the UK and Ireland.
- You may need a European power adapter for your electric equipment.

We hope you'll have a great time in Kerkrade!