In the next couple of weeks we will extend this page further, but at this moment, Drum Corps Europe is looking for the following voluntairy jobs.

- Webdesigners (PHP, MySQL) to help us build a new website. You will be working in a team and are responsible for a part of the website.
Time: Couple of hours a week.
- News editors. For more than a decade, Drum Corps Europe is the European news site for Drum Corps and the marching show band activity. We are looking for people that are willing to help us write news items for their own native language.
Time: One hour a week.
- Financial manager. Drum Corps Europe is looking for a financial manager that is able to make a financial overview of all bookings. 
Time: a couple of hours a month.
- Video camera operator. For the IMG & EMG contests, we are looking for camera operators. We are looking for persons that want to records shows in their own country that we can publish on our Video Vault website.
Time: Only during contest days.
- Graphic designers. We are looking for some graphic designers to extend our team. 
Time: Couple of hours a month.

If you have any time to spare to help us and our activity, feel free to contact us at